Take Action


We all have a circle of influence including family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, members of organizations we belong to. Invite them to a social event like "Pints and Politics".

We are always recruiting new members to make a difference in 2020. 


We all have talents and skills that are useful to the Presque Isle Democratic Party. We will need volunteers to canvass neighborhoods, march in parades, sign up  for phone banks, send out post cards, or help to get out the vote. We need challengers to serve at every election in each precinct. If interested contact us at presqueislecountydemparty@gmail.com with "volunteer" in the subject line. 

Make Your Voice Heard

 5 Calls is the easiest and most effective way for citizens to make an impact in national and local politics. Calling is the most effective way to influence your representatives. 

Create a free account.

Download the app from your app store. 

Customize your profile based on the issues most important to you. Receive alerts about state and national representatives to call about your issues.  A sample script of what to say is also included. 

Voter Registration

  • Check to make sure that you are registered to vote with your current address.
  • Apply for an absentee ballot. Proposition 3, passed in 2018, allows all voters to receive a "no-reason" absentee ballot. 

Run for Office

Presque Isle County needs more Democrats in local offices such as precinct delegate, school board, and township boards. 

There is no longer an online directory of all of the local and county officials with details about their party affiliation and terms of office. 

The County Clerk's Office in Rogers City has published a 44 page directory that is available in the Court House. Or check with your local village, city, or township to find out which positions will be open and for which election. Members of our local party either have had special training or real-life experience with running for office. 

Attend Village, Township, City and County Meetings

Meetings of elected officials are open to the public. And there has to be a provision for public comment. The County Clerk's website has a listing of meetings of local government entities. 

Write Letters to the Editor

There are two newspapers covering news for Presque Isle County. 

Presque Isle Newspapers which includes both the Advance and the Onaway Outlook are selective about what they will accept but it is worth a try. They do require a signature and phone number so they can contact the author.

Email: editor@piadvance.com or fax (989) 734-3053. Deadline is noon on Tuesday. Or mail to PO Box 50, Rogers City, MI 49779

The Alpena News has a limit of 300 words for Letters to the Editor. Letters are in the paper on Saturday so submit before Friday. Their limit is one letter per month per person. 

Letters to the Editor can be uploaded on their website . Select the category "Letters to the Editor" or mail to:

Letter to the Editor

Alpena News

130 Park Place

Alpena, MI 49707

For more information call:

(989) 354-3111, ext. 317

Become an Election Inspector

The Presque Isle County Clerk is recruiting Election Inspectors. Training is provided. For more information and to download an application click here. 

Plan and Host a Local Event Like "Pints and Politics"

The Events and Social Media Committee of the Presque Isle Democratic Party is interested in sponsoring monthly social events. The focus is meeting with other local Dems to discuss current politics and view points. Contact us at:

presqueislecountydemparty@gmail.com with "Pints and Politics" in the subject line.